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Are you a  die hard Harland FAN? If so PATREON allows you to access exclusive Harland Williams content that is not available anywhere else. Or, see Harland content before anyone else! This is primo stuff that I have been working on that is ready to make you laugh and make you cringe. Comedy, drama, action adventure, travel, and so much more. For a small fee you can join and start going on the ride of your life with all the incredible PATREON content listed below. CLICK the button to go to PATREON and get started.

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Yes indeed, for those of you who love the podcast THIS is now the only place where you can catch some of the FULL episodes days before anyone else sees them. So, join my PATREON today. ENJOY!



The AUSTRALIAN is a series created, written and directed by Harland Williams. Set in a world decimated by a virus called Black Mouth, the Australian is a lone wanderer who encounters the ugly face of humanity when all the laws of society are gone. Somehow immune to the virus, he wanders the wasteland avoiding desperate survivors. Cursed with immunity to the virus, he now has to decide to continue the human race or end it for all time.


TWO GUYS IN THEIR UNDERPANTS is a series created written and directed by Harland Williams. This surreal show follows the adventures of two fairly ambiguous men who wear nothing but underpants. They travel the world and end up in the most unexpected places imaginable. Saudi Arabia, Las Vegas, The Burning Man Festival, Niagara Falls, and who knows where else. Wherever they are it leads to the most outrageous adventures and the most unexpected events. You will die laughing as these two strangely plain friends live out their most colorful life.

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